Forge IP Obtains Allowance After Successful Appeal

Forge IP has secured a Notice of Allowance for a patent entitled “Anatomical Visualization with Electrically Conductive Balloon.”  The Examiner originally rejected all claims, alleging they were obvious over various prior art references.  After an appeal to the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, the Board issued a decision reversing all rejections.

The innovative system invented by Forge IP client Sanovas, Inc. employs a novel balloon catheter that has an electrically conductive mesh that forms a grid on the outer surface of the inflatable balloon.  As the balloon is moved and inflated within an obstructed bodily lumen (such as a plaque-laden artery or tumor-compromised airway), changes in an electrical characteristic of each segment of the grid are measured, thereby indicating the diameter at each point around the three-dimensional surface of the balloon.  These measurements are then used to render a 3D visual representation of the bodily lumen on a display.

The U.S. Patent Office has now issued  a Notice of Allowance, stating that all 49 claims are allowed.  The patent is expected to issue shortly.

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