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Forge IP Defeats Motion for Preliminary Injunction

In a recent ruling from the U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado, Forge IP succeeded in opposing a Motion for Preliminary Injunction, thereby paving the way for client Axioma Metering UAB to continue its business activities in the U.S.

The dispute arises from an infringement allegation relating to U.S. Patent No. 8,806,957, directed to a ultrasonic flowmeter.  Axioma, a Lithuanian company, manufactures an innovative smart water meter called the Qalcosonic W1, which was recently adapted for the U.S. market.  The patent owner, Kamstrup A/S, filed a motion to enjoin Axioma from selling this product in the United States.

Axioma opposed the motion on various grounds, including that Axioma is likely to prove that the patent is invalid.  After extensive briefing, the District Court agreed, issuing an Opinion denying Kamstrup’s motion.

We Are Pleased to Announce… Our First Forge Baby!

It is with great excitement that we present Hunter Andrew McCaffrey, our very first Forge Baby!  At 8 pounds, 5 ounces and 20 inches, Hunter was born in the afternoon of November 21, 2019. Both mom and son are doing great, and we are so very proud of both of them!

Congratulations to mom and dad, Catherine and John McCaffrey. We can’t wait to watch this little guy grow up.  We know we’re a little biased, but we’re pretty darn sure this kid is going to turn into one heck of a patent attorney.  Clearly, he has the necessary focus and determination (I mean, just look at that picture!)

What a way to cap off Forge’s second year!

Forge IP Obtains Another Japanese Patent After Successful Appeal

Taking its case to the Board of Patent Appeals, Forge IP has now secured yet another Japanese patent on behalf of client Carling Technologies, Inc., a well-known innovator and manufacturer of switches, controls, and power distribution systems.

The patent is directed to a novel circuit breaker design incorporating a movable terminal barrier.  The innovative design provides a slim profile circuit breaker that facilitates less complex installations, alleviates the requirement for a separate terminal barrier, and saves money on design, manufacturing, and inventory requirements.

After prevailing at Board of Appeals, the Japanese Patent Office has now issued Japanese Patent No. JP6603630.

Forge IP Wins Appeal for Catheter Cleaning Tip After Oral Hearing

After an oral hearing at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, Forge IP has obtained a reversal of all rejections that were issued for a patent application owned by client Sanovas.

The patent relates to a novel tip at the end of a medical catheter.  The innovative design utilizes a series of flexing flaps with which an imaging device being used with the catheter can be cleaned.  When the end of an imaging device has become soiled with bodily fluids during a medical procedure, it can be withdrawn into the catheter tip and then advanced forward though the flap assembly to wipe the optics clean.  The Examiner had originally rejected the claims as obvious over various prior art devices.  Sanovas filed an appeal, along with a request for an oral hearing, during which Forge IP presented arguments in support of a reversal.  After the hearing, the Patent Trial and Appeal Board issued a decision that overturned all rejections.

A Notice of Allowance is expected to issue soon.

Forge IP Wins Patent Appeal for Acoustic Nasal Treatment Device

After appealing the case to the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, Forge IP has obtained a reversal of all rejections that were issued for a patent application entitled “Methods and Systems for Delivery of Acoustic Energy to Tissue Surfaces, Cavities and Obstructed Passages such as Intranasal Ostia.”

The application is directed to a device that is inserted into a cavity of the ear, nose, or throat, such as a sinus ostia, to nontraumatically clear obstructions.  The innovative design includes a wand that delivers acoustic energy to the target site, while also delivering fluid with a pulsatile flow.  The Examiner originally rejected the claims, alleging they were obvious over various prior art references.  After an appeal to the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, the Board issued a decision reversing the rejections.

A Notice of Allowance is expected to issue in due course.


Forge IP Issues 79 Patents Around the World In 2018

Concluding a successful year, Forge IP obtained a final tally of 79 issued patents in 2018!  These patents have issued in various countries, including the United States, Japan, Brazil, China, Taiwan, Australia, and throughout Europe.  The patented inventions have spanned a wide array of technologies, including electromechanical devices, medical instruments, hydraulic systems, and analytical instruments, as just a few examples.  The last of these patents, which issued on Christmas Day as U.S. Patent No. 10,160,908, is directed to a Method of Soil Conditioning By Application of Water-Soluble Or Water-Swelling Polymer.

Forge IP congratulates all of its clients on whose behalf it has successfully prosecuted these patents, and we look forward to issuing many more patents in 2019!