Forge IP Extends Trademark Defenses of Clients In China

Though historically China’s image in the global marketplace was primarily that of a manufacturing powerhouse, there is no dispute that it has now become an innovation powerhouse as well.  In the last few years, China has taken numerous steps to promote intellectual property protection and enforcement, including recent amendments to its patent laws and the establishment of specialized intellectual property courts.  These efforts to encourage innovation and safeguard developments in the country have made China an important venue for acquiring and defending one’s IP.
Forge IP clients are no strangers to this progress in China.  These include Carling Technologies, which engages is design and manufacturing at Carlingswitch Manufacturing (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd. in Zhongshan City, as well as Sanovas, Inc., which recently established the Sanovas Suzhou Venture Fund at the Suzhou Institute of Nanotechnologies and Nanobionics (SINANO) in Suzhou.  In order to bolster their trademark defenses, Forge IP has recently obtained additional trademark registrations in an additional class for the house marks of both companies in China.
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