Forge IP Wins Patent Appeal for Firefighter Insulating Garment

After appealing the case to the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, Forge IP has obtained a reversal of all rejections that were issued for a patent application entitled “Insulating Garment For Firefighter Bunker Gear” on behalf of Logistik Unicorp Inc.

The application is directed to a specially-designed garment worn by firefighters.  The garment is made from a special fabric having first and second fire-resistant fabric layers.  The two layers are connected by a monofilament yarn made of particular material having sufficient compressive strength and resilience to maintain an insulating space between the layers, thereby ensuring superior thermal and moisture insulation.  The Examiner originally rejected the claims, alleging they were obvious over various prior art references.  After an appeal to the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, the Board issued a decision reversing all rejections.

A Notice of Allowance is expected to issue soon.

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