Forge IP Wins Appeal for Catheter Cleaning Tip After Oral Hearing

After an oral hearing at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, Forge IP has obtained a reversal of all rejections that were issued for a patent application owned by client Sanovas.

The patent relates to a novel tip at the end of a medical catheter.  The innovative design utilizes a series of flexing flaps with which an imaging device being used with the catheter can be cleaned.  When the end of an imaging device has become soiled with bodily fluids during a medical procedure, it can be withdrawn into the catheter tip and then advanced forward though the flap assembly to wipe the optics clean.  The Examiner had originally rejected the claims as obvious over various prior art devices.  Sanovas filed an appeal, along with a request for an oral hearing, during which Forge IP presented arguments in support of a reversal.  After the hearing, the Patent Trial and Appeal Board issued a decision that overturned all rejections.

A Notice of Allowance is expected to issue soon.

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