Forge IP Wins Patent Appeal for Acoustic Nasal Treatment Device

After appealing the case to the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, Forge IP has obtained a reversal of all rejections that were issued for a patent application entitled “Methods and Systems for Delivery of Acoustic Energy to Tissue Surfaces, Cavities and Obstructed Passages such as Intranasal Ostia.”

The application is directed to a device that is inserted into a cavity of the ear, nose, or throat, such as a sinus ostia, to nontraumatically clear obstructions.  The innovative design includes a wand that delivers acoustic energy to the target site, while also delivering fluid with a pulsatile flow.  The Examiner originally rejected the claims, alleging they were obvious over various prior art references.  After an appeal to the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, the Board issued a decision reversing the rejections.

A Notice of Allowance is expected to issue in due course.


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