Forge IP Becomes Member of LawPact

ForgeIP  is pleased to announce that it has joined LawPact®, an international association of independent business law firms.

LawPact ‘s network of more than 60 like-minded independent business law firms throughout the world is committed to serving clients in all business law capacities, including litigation and transactional work across a variety of industries, and providing legal advice in an efficient, cost effective, and client-friendly way.

As a member of the LawPact® international association of independent business law firms, Forge IP can ensure that its clients are provided with access to seamless legal advice across most jurisdictions in the world, as well as assist other firms in locales where clients need legal help.  LawPact also offers insight into business law firm best practices in client service, financial management, technology, and more. 

For more information on LawPact, visit

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