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A trademark is a word, phrase, or logo, or even a sound or a color, that is used in connection with your products so that consumers can identify your company (and any associated goodwill) as the source of those goods.


coke-truck-nycAny word or combination of words that is used in connection with the goods or services you offer should be considered for trademark protection.  Sometimes this is the name of the company itself, or a tagline often used when promoting your company.  Other times, it is the name of a particular product or group of products, or the slogan for a particular advertising campaign.  Whatever the case may be, obtaining a trademark for that brand can make sure that consumers identify your company when used with your products, and prevent competitors from deceptively using the same or a confusingly similar name in order to confuse consumers about the source of the product and unfairly profit from the goodwill associated with your name.


apple-store-5th-avenueLogos, which can be any kind of graphic pictures or symbols (which may or may not also include words), are often very powerful indicators of the source of products or services.  As such, it can sometimes be just as important to trademark a particular logo as it is to trademark a name.  As with brand names, without the proper protection, competitors can use confusingly similar logos in order to deceive consumers into thinking your company is the source of their competing goods.  Based on the goodwill associated with your company, consumers may buy these thinking they come from you.  This not only has the consequence of you losing sales, but if the competitor’s product is of inferior quality, can damage your reputation.


iphone-6In today’s world of smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs, icons have become an increasingly important means of product identification.  Apps quickly become known by the look of their icon, which in some cases are recognized by millions of people who use them every day.  As a result, these icons have become a primary source indicator that is often worth considering for trademark protection.

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