Safely pairing you with technological partners

There are many different types of licenses for intellectual property that can be beneficial to your company.  Maybe you’d like to use someone else’s patented technology, and you are willing to pay them a royalty on your sales for the right to do so.  Perhaps someone else has patented a basic product, and you’ve patented an improvement, and you’d like to mutually give each other permission to use each other’s patents so that you both can make and sell the improved product.  Or maybe your company wants to partner with a university to conduct research, and you want to ensure everyone’s rights are protected.

Whether it’s a standard license, cross-license, sponsored research, or other type of agreement addressing intellectual property rights, great care must be taken when drafting the terms of such an agreement.  The potential rights granted under these agreements are numerous, can vary greatly from one agreement to the next, and can be of vastly different scope.   Forge IP can guide you through the intricacies of licensing so that your company does not fall victim to unfortunate traps or unforeseen consequences.

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