IPR & Opposition Proceedings

Defending your right to use known technologies and names

Perhaps you’ve become aware of a patent that you think will cause problems for your company, or that’s been used to overtly attack your business, but you know it’s a bad patent that should have never been issued in the first place.  Depending on the best strategy for the particular situation at hand, you may want to file a Post-Grant Review (PGR) or an Inter Partes Review (IPR)–proceedings much more abbreviated and less expensive than litigation–to try to invalidate the patent.  Or maybe you’ve even learned about a pending patent application before it issues as a patent, in which case you may want to file a protest or simply make a third-party submission of prior art.   Forge IP is experienced in all of these types of patent opposition proceedings, both in the US and abroad.

crown-agency-395266Similar strategies can be employed with trademarks.    Perhaps you’ve become aware of a name or brand that you think is just too similar to your own, and you’re worried that your customers will get confused by it.  Or maybe you’re being threatened by someone who is trying to use their trademark to force you to stop using your own name.  Depending on when and where these marks becomes an issue, Forge IP can help you take proactive steps, via protests, oppositions, or cancellation proceedings, to knock out these competitive trademarks.

Sometimes, the best defense is a good offense.  Forge IP can help you formulate and execute the proper offensive strategy to defend against these threats by knocking out these illegitimate patents and trademarks before they’re used to hurt your business.

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