Investigations & Due Diligence

Probing the IP assets of potential business allies and threats

Often, the successful operation of your business will require investigating, assessing, and/or monitoring the IP activities and assets of other businesses.  Whether you are worried about a potential lawsuit from a competitor or are considering buying another company, properly analyzing these other parties’ IP can be critically important.  The attorneys at Forge IP have extensive experience performing all types of investigations typically necessary in the intellectual property arena, and providing written opinions, guidelines, or general counsel in view of these analyses.

Invalidity, Noninfringement, and Freedom to Operate Opinions

joao-silas-72563 - investigatePerhaps you’re about to come out with a product, but you’ve been made aware that somebody else has obtained a patent on it, even though you don’t think they should have because you think the idea is already well-known.  Or perhaps someone has threatened you, accusing your product of infringing a patent, but you don’t think it does.  Or maybe you think someone is infringing your patent, but you want to be sure.  The attorneys at Forge IP are experienced in performing these invalidity and/or infringement analyses and providing you with supported opinions on these types of issues so that you can gauge the strength of your position and assess any risks.

Design Guidelines

Say a competitor’s patent has been brought to your attention.  Upon review, it appears to be a solid patent, not vulnerable to any invalidity attacks.  You still want to make your competing product, but you’re worried you’ll run afoul of the patent and end up subject to a lawsuit for infringement.  What to do?  Forge IP can analyze the patent and your production goals in order to provide you with detailed guidance regarding how to manufacture your product while avoiding liability for infringement.

Due Diligence

Are you thinking of buying someone’s trademark, or perhaps an entire patent portfolio, but you need to assess the realistic value of it?  Are you considering acquiring another company that you think has significant IP assets, and therefore need to perform a deep dive into the strength of the company’s intellectual property?  Forge IP has extensive experience conducting such due diligence investigations.


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