Forge IP Forms Strategic Alliance With KGB Consulting

We are pleased to announce that, in order to expand the types of service we provide to our clients, Forge IP has formed a strategic alliance with brand strategist KGB Consulting, LLC, and its principal, Kathryn Grant Belleau.  Armed with over thirty years of hands-on experience and insight, Kathy is well-versed in assisting companies with brand development, from conception to formal protection, and with the execution of successful marketing and business plans.  With the ability to conduct business in multiple languages, Kathy provides valuable guidance relating to the marketing and communications of any company, including advertising, social media, and promotional materials.

This new partnership further bolsters Forge IP’s already expansive stable of IP-related services.  By adding this additional expertise, Forge IP has ensured that it will be able to adequately meet the evolving needs of our clients, as demanded by today’s rapidly changing marketplace.

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